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The prehistory of Stockholm is the continuous development and series of events that made the mouth of Lake Mälaren strategically important; a location which by the mid 13th century had become the centre of the newly consolidated Swedish kingdom.

Fenomen We’re living in a global moment where we need to reimagine everything. Disrupting is no longer enough, we need to crush the old and lead people to the new in a compassionate way. Historically, the greatest innovation stems from times of the greatest instability. Creativity rises from the pressures of chaos. The innovations created in post-war, post-depression periods or periods of great cultural upheaval, have been traditionally remarkable and long-standing; they have been phenomena.

Brilliant Minds will shine a light on these most open-minded creators we will call: Health, Leadership and Education. Our mission and goals Brilliant Minds is a two-day leadership summit in Stockholm and the platform of a global community and movement shaping the future by challenging the present. We aim to leverage the spirit of the entrepreneur, a fearless, free and results-driven mindset, to convene great people to do great things for the world together, not apart.

We believe every challenge and opportunity can be advanced in the marriage of human creativity and technology. What is going to happen in ? When everyone else strives for individual success, we remain rooted in our Swedish values of collaborative creativity. We will change the world faster together than apart. We will build a foundation approach to scale the Brilliant Minds model globally to influence the future of education, leadership and the convergence of humanity and technology.

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A native iOS application called Flixit was developed together with Slagkryssaren. With Flixit you can discover films, see the latest news and create top lists with your friends. Slagkryssaren has been an invaluable technical partner in releasing Flixit. They have provided a combination of great development, project management and have always responded rapidly to changes in project priorities.

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It does not aim merely at securing limited agreements but at establishing peace and harmony in life-among all races and with Nature. This gathering represents man’s earnest endeavour to understand his own condition and to prolong his tenancy of this planet. A vast amount of detailed preparatory work has gone into the convening of this Conference guided by the dynamic personality of Mr. Maurice Strong the Secretary General. I have had the good fortune of growing up with a sense of kinship with nature in all its manifestations.

Birds, plants, stones were companions and, sleeping under the star-strewn sky, I became familiar with the names and movements of the constellations. One cannot be truly human and civilized unless one looks upon not only all fellow-men but all creation with the eyes of a friend. Throughout India, edicts carved on rocks and iron pillars are reminders that 22 centuries ago the Emperor Ashoka defined a King’s duty as not merely to protect citizens and punish wrongdoers but also to preserve animal life and forest trees.


Early history[ edit ] In the Jews of Stockholm petitioned the king that they be permitted to reside there without abandoning their creed, but the application was denied because the local consistory had refused to endorse it. On December 3, , Charles XI ordered the governor-general of the capital to see to it that no Jews were permitted to settle in Stockholm, or in any other part of the country, “on account of the danger of the eventual influence of the Jewish religion on the pure evangelical faith.

Charles XII spent five years in Bender , Bessarabia , at the time a part of the Ottoman Empire , with his army and incurred substantial debts with Jewish and Muslim merchants, who supplied the army with equipment and provisions. On his return, several Muslim and Jewish creditors arrived in Sweden and the Swedish law was altered to allow them to hold religious services and circumcise their sons.

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Historical background[ edit ] A map of Sweden’s territorial gains and losses — In the years that Vasa was built and sank, Sweden still had not seized the southernmost of its present provinces, but possessed almost all of modern-day Finland and Estonia as well as Ingria and Karelia. During the 17th century, Sweden went from being a sparsely populated, poor, and peripheral northern European kingdom of little influence to one of the major powers in continental politics.

Between and it was the dominant power in the Baltic , eventually gaining territory that encompassed the Baltic on all sides. This rise to prominence in international affairs and increase in military prowess, called stormaktstiden ‘age of greatness’ or ‘great power period’ , was made possible by a succession of able monarchs and the establishment of a powerful centralised government, supporting a highly efficient military organization.

Swedish historians have described this as one of the more extreme examples of an early modern state using almost all of its available resources to wage war; the small northern kingdom transformed itself into a fiscal-military state and one of the most militarised states in history. When Vasa was built, he had been in power for more than a decade. Sweden was embroiled in a war with Poland-Lithuania , and looked apprehensively at the development of the Thirty Years’ War in present-day Germany.

The war had been raging since and from a Protestant perspective it was not successful. The king’s plans for a Polish campaign and for securing Sweden’s interests required a strong naval presence in the Baltic.

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With only Beijing and the Kazakh city of Almaty left in the running, the International Olympic Committee now faces the difficult task of choosing between two undemocratic nations with less-than-stellar human-rights records. Price is a good place to start. Those kinds of numbers help explain why even a wealthy nation like Norway would reconsider its candidacy. Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg confirmed that her government would not continue to pursue the Games.

But for the other wavering contenders, including St. Moritz and Munich, which as late as November was still weighing a bid, a growing awareness of the true costs of hosting the Games played an important role in their decisions not to compete.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Pippa Middleton and James Matthews looked oh so glamorous as they attended a friend’s wedding in Stockholm today. But it looks like Pippa may have broken a crucial piece of wedding guest etiquette — and it was all down to what she was wearing. You see, as James is wearing a white tie with his tux, it’s safe to assume that the dress code was a very formal ‘white tie’. Rex Features Here come the newlyweds Image: Rex Features This means a a formal floor-length evening gown for ladies.

And while Pippa followed this guidance to the letter — her colour palette may have left something to be desired. She chose to wear white on the day — a big no no at weddings. Although, she did negate this by choosing a gown adorned by a floral print. Pippa wore a white gown for the occasion covered with a pretty floral pattern.

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US military spending is larger than the next 8 biggest military spenders combined. Russia overtook Saudi Arabia to be the world’s third highest military spender in , due to a sudden decrease in Saudi military spending. Military spending is not only money spent on weapons; it includes spending on wages, pensions, equipment, research and development. This is the second year of decreasing military spending, after 12 consecutive years of increased military spending.

Note that Egypt is included in the total for the Middle East and not Africa.

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Naval officers scan the sea with binoculars, while standing next to gun mounted to the ships barrier wall Rear Adm. Anders Grenstad declined to give any details about any operation to track the vessel. The scenario is reminiscent of the Cold War when Sweden’s armed forces routinely hunted for Soviet submarines He said the military was not on a ‘submarine hunt, using weapons to combat an opponent’, and said at present the military was simply engaged in an intelligence operation Meanwhile a mysterious man was seen with a backpack wading into the sea and is also being sought by forces.

One theory was that an experimental Russian mini-sub called the Triton NN had got into trouble on a spy mission in Swedish waters. A Russian bid to blame a Dutch submarine for the reports was quickly dismissed. Authorities today claimed the vessel was probably Dutch, with a military source saying, ‘in order to ease tensions in the Baltic sea and save the money of Swedish taxpayers, we would recommend to search for explanations from the Dutch navy’. Anders Grenstad said that he wouldn’t speculate on what the photograph showed, other than to say it was a ‘foreign vessel’, and that the area it was seen in was ‘of interest to a foreign power’.

The admiral said of the sightings:

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You can visit his blog at RooshV. Sweden is a modern socialist state that places a lot of value on design. If Apple computer was a country, it would be Sweden. There is incredible detail to designing even simple lamps and chairs. Everything is optimized, logical, and clear, especially in public spaces.

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All around Stockholm, such open fields are separated by forest-laden ridges. While the ice effectively eliminated every trace of pre-ice age life, it is assumed humans probably did inhabit the area before the ice age, notwithstanding no archaeological traces can confirm it. The traces consists of various tools, including quartz and flint arrowheads used by these hunter-gatherers to catch mostly seals. Graves got more elaborate as grinned axes made of carefully selected and often imported rocks accompanied the dead together with ceramics, fancy garments, and other impressive objects.

For unknown reasons, Birka was deserted around Located on the main navigable approach to Uppsala , Sigtuna is believed to have been designed as missionary outpost and a Christian trade centre rivalling the still pagan Uppsala. Notwithstanding surviving records makes it difficult to see exactly when and in what order events took place, several causes for the development to occur in the 13th century can be distinguished: Of the half dozen trade posts in Sweden described in as cathedral cities, or cities with a potential to become such, Sigtuna is believed to be the only one with the density and status of a city in the proper sense.

This quickly changed as German merchants introduced developed forms of production and ‘industrialised’ Swedish mining, mostly during the second half of the 13th century.

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