Unraveling de_mirage #4 – T side Pistol Round Options

It is one of the most played maps in the game. The map is very easy to understand. It is similar to dust2 where the middle area of the map connects both the bombsites. Unlike dust2 the spawns of Terrorist and counter Terrorist are not directly exposed to each other. Mirage is a CT favored map. It is easier to defend the bombsite compared to playing offensive on the map. Proper team coordination is also a must on this map. Map Callouts on Mirage Overview: Mirage is a medium sized map compared to other maps in the game. The theme and the location of map resembles to Morocco.

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Let’s discuss de_mirage (Offensive) submitted 5 years ago * by andzie Inferno Veteran Disclaimer: this is not a hate/diehard/nostalgie thread, so try to be open-minded while reading this.

Now imagine you’re playing as a Terrorist and you will play the pistol round, aren’t you tired of the same strategy all the time? Well in this guide you will find some options to replace the old, rusty, and weak B Rush! Starting off with a pretty basic but completely viable A hit. Palace Contact Pistol Advantages and goals of this strategy: The smokes cut the bombsite in half as Jungle, Connector, and Stairs are all covered; Terrorist Players only need to focus on planting the bomb and getting CT Spawn control, which makes the afterplant easier.

Moving on to each Player’s POV! This player will have the task to buy a smoke and a couple of flashbangs in the pistol round. He will then use his last flash so the teammates from Palace can take CT Spawn to make the afterplant easier as the bomb is planted default. Similiar to the player above, this player will also buy a smoke, but he can choose to bring more flashes or maybe a P His smoke will be used to cover the Stairs area, so the team can progress onto the site safely. Notice that these three players will be wearing kevlar.

As always, this player will be the first to enter the bombsite. In this case, it means that he will be the first to go out Palace and clear all the angles where the CTs might be. The Entry Fragger starts by entering Palace walking, so the CTs can’t assume that the Ts are doing some kind of A hit, and waits until the first flash pops so he can start running.

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DE_MIRAGE: Complete Guide


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This smoke still work @faw. On the website, you can find the getpos and try it on local (with sv_cheats 1), this is the last icon on the right.



4 days ago · Unraveling de_mirage #4 – T side Pistol Round Options. raveN10 Fri 16th Nov – pm It’s never easy to decide what to do in a pistol round and harder it is if you are playing solo with random people on Matchmaking, so take these options, learn and teach them to your teammates and you will see results! Stay tuned for more articles and.


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