Star Wars Battlefront’s Matchmaking Is A Mess

Enjoying the gameplay and Star Wars atmosphere, but one problem seems to keep occurring. Winning or losing matches seems to come down to one two people who are very good at the game. When staying in a lobby for a few games, the team they happen to be on is the team that will win, unless the other team has someone who can match their skill. What I don’t understand, is why am I even in a game with them? I’m obviously not very good as I have just got the game, normally finishing in the bottom half for score Except fighter squadron which for some reason I am good at! Surely I should be matched against people of a similar standard. To be fair, most of the people in the group are of a similar standard, normally getting within 15 kills or so difference between them. TL;DR Is the matchmaking broken, or am I just unlucky getting matched with high skilled players when I am a noob who aims worse than a Stormtrooper?

Matchmaking only on 6000+ characters?

Starter Guide We will help you get to grips with the game fast and give you some of the skills you need to improve your aim. You will need to know how each weapon handles, how to use your EGO powers to your advantage and WHEN to use them as well as battleground strategies in combat. We give you simple tactics that can turn you from just a mediocre player into a killing machine overnight! Some of the things we will cover is how to improve your shooting skills, what weapons you should pick for different skill levels and how to make progress fast!

Every mission is currently covered in the story as well as side missions, hotshot missions, rampage missions and time trial missions. We will also advise on the best route and the missions to concentrate on so you can level fast and get that XP!

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All Warzone queues are now cross-faction. The Unranked Warzone queue will now always prioritize Warzones over Arenas. An Arena match will only pop if there are not enough players to populate a full Warzone match at that time. Role Balancing — Matchmaking will never place more than 2 tanks or healers on the same team in a Warzone or 1 tank or healer for an Arena. Matchmaking will always do its best to balance the number of tanks and healers on each team.

If there are 2 healers, each team will receive one if possible, the same is true of tanks. Skill Balancing — Matchmaking will more strongly take player skill into account when making teams see quote below. I am very happy with all the changes listed! These matchmaking changes are exactly what we wanted! The role balancing changes all look good and all Warzones cross-faction? What about Arenas though?

This is more of a way that we approximate player skill solely for the purposes of matchmaking.

SWTOR Changes to GSF Matchmaking in 5.9.2

User HyzerRay asked how players who had little time and money were supposed to compete with those who invested of lot of cash into the game: As a father with young kids, the two things that I lack are time and money. Design direct Dennis Brannvall offered this response: We take into account not only your gameplay skills, but also inventory and time played, when we match players together in multiplayer. You should not ever be matchmade together with players who are much better than you are. Ultimately your effectiveness is going to come down to skill, not the Star Cards that you have.

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Jan 8, at 8: The paper talks about how Dynamic difficulty adjustment DDA , mechanics in a game meant to make the game easier or harder based on player performance, can be used to maximize player engagement throughout a game by reducing boredom or frustration. But as YongYea points out, this system could be used to manipulate difficulty and drive people to spend money on microtransactions, which is especially worrisome if they go on without player knowledge.

He compared it to the time Destiny 2 reduced the amount of XP players would gain for certain activities while the user interface told players otherwise, giving players the illusion of XP grinding becoming more of a slog and goading them to just buy the Bright Engram they would have earned by leveling up. An Engagement Optimized Matchmaking Framework , argues that current matchmaking systems based on matching players of similar skill levels is not optimal for engagement. How is this increased engagement achieved through this EOMM?

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We’re sorry that you feel that way about our game and thank you for your honest feedback. We’ll be sure to take note of the points that you have mentioned to see if they can be improved in the future updates. If you have suggestions that will help us make the game better, feel free to post it in Mobirum at https: We are glad to know that you are enjoying the game. Thank you for the perfect rating! We’ll take note of all of your suggested characters to see if they can be added in the future updates.

May we know if you have more of these awesome suggestions? Feel free to post them in our Mobirum page at https: We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the game. We will take note of your suggestions about adding new characters and factions to see if they can be considered in the future updates.

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The Old Republic players , with some more information on what we can expect from the upcoming 1. The Legacy system offers a shared level that exists across all TOR alts, but while it’s currently possible to gain Legacy levels, there are no rewards attached to them. Lead writer Daniel Erickson confirms that 1. The next major update will also add dual spec support.

That’ll let players create two different skill set-ups and switch between them at will, which could be useful for creating specialised PvP and PvE builds.

TOR is an MMORPG, simple as that: even if people avoid playing the MMO features, they’re still there for those who want to do them, all the things that you can do in other MMORPG’s.

A solid Group Finder system is very important to us and we have been keeping a close eye on the forums and your feedback. Thanks for all the responses and keep it coming! Shuttling to Starting Location: This is not a bug; let me explain that a little bit better! In the game today, without the Group Finder, when you exit a Flashpoint or Operation you are NOT shuttled back to your original location – you’re taken to the entrance. Although this is currently how the Flashpoint and Operation exit technology functions, we understand the importance of modifying this functionality, especially for the Group Finder.

MMO Week in Review: Guild Wars 2 dev admits to mount lockbox ‘missteps’ (November 12, 2017)

It seems like I’m far from alone. Since I posted my review , I’ve encountered some seriously mind-boggling matchmaking moments. Usually, this involves lopsided teams high-level players with snazzy gear vs lowbies who aim worse than your average Stormtrooper , but as server populations have decreased since launch, players like DisneyLines have found themselves floating aimlessly in the game’s purgatory-white match finder.

And that’s in one of the game’s marquee modes, Walker Assault. I’ve experienced moments like these, too — as have, apparently, quite a few other players.

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SWTOR 2.4 PVP [HD] Lee’s Bad Matchmaking Series #1 – Heal and No Heal in the Arena