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We used data from multiple sources, including Google Trends and internal data tools. We filtered out spam and repeat queries to build lists that best reflect the spirit of Trending The “trending” queries are the searches that had the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in as compared to Most Searched The “most searched” queries are the most popular terms for —ranked in order of the queries with the largest volume of searches. No personal information was used. About The Site The data here is normalized meaning it represents how many searches this year, relative to the total number of searches over time.

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Here’s the list of top most popular hashtags on Instagram as of today. Take a look and see which hashtags can be naturally incorporated into your photos. Using hashtags on Instagram and elsewhere helps users tag content of a particular subject with the symbol to organize and categorize messages or photos. Hashtags are beneficial to use on Instagram and other channels when used correctly; make sure to follow these rules.

If your Instagram account is public, anyone searching for a hashtag you used will be able to see your content. This is one method of gaining more engagement for your photos and more followers for your account.

Instagram blocks or censors the search results of hundreds of hashtags. We have assembled a list of the banned tags, and it is both strange and hilarious.

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So how do successful brands incorporate Instagram into their marketing strategies? Getty Images In our fast-paced digital world, social networking is taking over as the primary way most people receive information. Instagram, one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms, is used daily by more than half of its million active users. And it’s good for more than just posting selfies, brunches, and fur babies, as cute as they may be. At a time when visual content is critical for any brand to execute on a successful marketing strategy, Instagram presents a unique opportunity to position your brand creatively and showcase its personality.

6. With more than 79 million followers, National Geographic is now the most popular brand on Instagram. Nat Geo proves that long captions, once considered an Instagram faux pas, just might be the.

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This video of a girl being hit by a fish has been viewed more than two million times on Facebook

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Shutterstock We know this coffee shop may be popular, but don’t say so on Instagram. The Kansas hashtag is one of many restricted by Instagram , the popular photo-sharing service owned by Facebook. Nick Drewe , a writer and programmer who examines social networks on The Data Pack , recently compiled a list of banned and restricted hashtags on Instagram. You can post a picture of your cat using the completely banned dick hashtag assuming your cat did something to deserve it , but tapping that hashtag after you publish the image will lead you to an empty page.

But if you posted that same picture of your cat to Kansas, you might find that it doesn’t appear there while other photographs do. The social network typically has both a “top posts” and “most recent” section for hashtags.

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Like the idiot I can be sometimes, I managed to lose a couple of bolts in the grass because I thought I’d cut corners and not lay anything down around the car to catch dropped objects, so I’ve just run up to the shed on the edge of my property to see if I can find something to lay down around the car, cardboard, door mats, carpet, anything will do.

It’s still only early and I’ve got all day to dedicate to the car, let’s see how much I can get done. You can contact them any time with any concern or question.

22 Oct , pm Comment: It’s fine to fire off the occasional insult at your PM, but here’s some advice: make it witty and put your name to it.

Tarantino once defended Polanski for sexually abusing year-old Everyone now knows that year-old Ahed Tamimi slapped an Israeli soldier. How many of us know about the events that led up to this? Telling half of a story can be more of an injustice than fabricating the entirety, and in this instance, it most certainly is. The viral video of Tamimi attempting to hit Israeli soldiers was reportedly the reason for her subsequent arrest and detention.

Her family says she was merely expressing legitimate protest at this treatment. What we see in the widely circulated video of Ahed Tamimi slapping a soldier is the response of a bereaved, oppressed child — a child who is now being condemned and abused across social media. A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi slaps Israeli solider Take a moment to picture a year-old you know being raised in a country where violence and military occupation is the norm, where she is sometimes unable to access food, water and healthcare.

Would they not be in pain, and frustrated and angry with the unfairness of the situation? Now picture their home being raided and them witnessing a younger cousin being shot in the head by a soldier. Would they not attempt to remove the soldiers from their front lawn as Tamimi did? Would they not become even more distraught when the soldiers refuse?

Would they not, perhaps, lash out? I saw no IAmAhed.

Don’t Even Try Using These Banned Instagram Hashtags

The hashtag MeToo, created in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal to spread awareness about sexual harassment, took off Sunday on social media. As of Monday evening, half a million tweets used the hashtag and 4. But can two words make a difference? What good can come of a hashtag campaign? In college, she was date raped and drugged — two horrific stories she shared on Twitter.

Cornered freshman year of high school.

k Followers, 1, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Le HuffPost (@lehuffpost).

Nobody knows exactly when the year-old, who went by the online moniker “Dare Dellcan,” took his life. Nobody knows why the normally cheery creative director and design company owner did it. And for the first couple of days, few people besides the police officers who found his body on July 16 knew he was dead. The day after the discovery, a message appeared on Dowdell’s Facebook wall.

I wish I could call you all to inform you personally and this is probably a crappy way to find this out but our dear friend Anthony aka Ant aka Dare Dellcan has passed away. I live around the corner and I have spoken with authorities this evening … I am only sharing this because if I was Anthony’s friend, I would want to know too.

And I know that Anthony had friends all over the place. A few were in Brazil and Italy. As with most people on Facebook, they were former girlfriends and dates-turned-friends, high school and college classmates, co-workers.

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However, dating, casual or otherwise, has become less taboo and more commonplace over the years. This has also led to the steady growth of online dating apps that attempt to make it easier for you to find that special connection. From the globally popular to the apps created specifically for Indians, here is a roundup of some of the best dating apps in India! Best dating apps on Android Tinder Tinder is easily the most popular dating up in the world, and that remains true for the Indian market as well.

We studied an aggregation of over one trillion searches (or queries) that people typed into Google Search this year. We used data from multiple sources, including Google Trends and internal data tools. We filtered out spam and repeat queries to build lists that best reflect the spirit of

Share this article Share Instagram has released the new feature in an effort to make posts on the site more easy to discover. The Facebook owned app is used by millions of people each day to share photos and videos, as well as to tag them with relevant subject hashtags Follow hashtag means you can stay up to date with onthetable, slime and floralnails, without the need to go hunting for them through the app’s search bar or explorer tab. You can also now check out the hashtags other people follow in their profiles Following a hashtag is just like following a friend.

To get started, search for a topic you’re interested in or tap on a hashtag from any post To get started, search for a topic you’re interested in or tap on a hashtag from any post. You’ll see relevant hashtags displayed in your search results along with related accounts. When you find a hashtag you like, open the hashtag page and tap on the follow button. You’ll begin seeing top posts from that hashtag in your feed and some of the latest stories in your stories bar.

You can always unfollow a hashtag at any time. The ‘follow hashtag’ feature is just one of a number to be introduce by Instagram in recent months. You’ll begin seeing top posts from that hashtag in your feed and some of the latest stories in your stories bar You’ll begin seeing top posts from that hashtag in your feed and some of the latest stories in your stories bar. You can always unfollow a hashtag at any time Instagram released a new update in November that allows users to edit pictures that their friends send them through direct messaging.

Once a friend sends you a photo, you can send them a picture back and the picture they sent to you will be included with the photo you reply with.

Popular hashtags for onlinedating on Twitter and Instagram

How to view banned hashtags on Instagram Like I said, there are over , banned Instagram hashtags on Instagram. Your Instagram page might be about a very specific topic. So you need to know how to find banned Instagram hashtags yourself.

#HB2. On March 2, the Supreme Court heard Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt, which is a challenge to Texas’s HB a bill that essentially over regulates abortion providers into non-existence.

BlackBerry has returned from the dead and Nokia has re-released the classic Now another hit device from yesteryear has been reborn, albeit under a new name. The Binatone Blade is instantly recognisable as the classic Motorola RAZR flip phone – the British company having been licenced by Moto to resurrect the design in Fans of the original will find a lot to like here. For starters; there’s no social media apps to suck up your time and your battery life.

Instead, you’re treated to classic applications like “Alarm”, “Stopwatch”, “Calculator” and “Unit conversion”. Thankfully there are a few games on board – including Snake and Tetris. It’s a stylish alternative to the Nokia that came out in March. It’s also positioned firmly as a secondary phone for taking to festivals or on holiday with you. And there’s evidence to suggest that many teenagers might be willing to swap a smartphone for a “dumb” one.

Getty “We see them walking around with this tech almost attached to them — but they are now saying they are open to things like digital detoxing to allow them to take a break from technology,” Charlotte Robertson, co-founder of Digital Awareness UK, told MailOnline. Motorola Thankfully, the likes of the new Nokia and Binatone Blade will give us a chance to take a breather from all the online noise created by modern smartphones.

And, if you fancy a longer trip down memory lane, here are 10 old-timey phones that got us all buzzing in years gone by. Getty Believe it or not, this was the first smartphone and 50, of the chunky model were sold.

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Feminism portal Since the s, Goddess Spirituality has emerged as a recognizable international cultural movement. In Carol P. Christ ‘s widely reprinted essay “Why Women Need the Goddess,” [12] which argues in favor of the concept of there having been an ancient religion of a supreme goddess, was presented as the keynote address to an audience of over at the “Great Goddess Re-emerging” conference at the University of California, Santa Cruz ; [13] it was first published in Heresies:

The top #dating in new york images and photos posted on Twitter. Posts on Twitter: In the dating world, I like to think of myself as an inhabited planet sending out signals into the universe. A guy I like is a planet in the coveted goldilocks zone. It gets me excited. Is there intelligent life there?

Radio and television services do not accept advertising. Normal business hours are from 7: Government offices are open from 7 am to 2 pm, Saturday through Wednesday. Banks are open from 8 to Private-sector business hours are usually 8 am to Most businesses are closed on Friday. Other exports include manufactured polymers 3.

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